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Prostate Support

Prostate problems are on the increase affecting younger and younger males, many in their 40's. About one half of males will have prostate problems by the time they are 60, and the majority by age 65. These problems can range from mild inflammation, to infections, to chronic hypertrophy (enlargement), to growths and cancer.

Prostate Support helps your body attend to any prostate problems the may exist. Contents include:

  •  Saw Palmetto (or serenoa) -- has an anti-edema or anti-swelling effect on the prostate.
  •  Nettle -- studies have shown this to promote marked reduction in BHP (benign hyperto phied prostate), including urination difficulties.
  •  Brewers Yeast -- a natural source of zinc, a major nutrient for prostate health, and B vitamins, which increase metabolism, important for any healing process.
  •  Selenium -- a recent eleven year study with this antioxidant demonstrated substantial reduction in the incidence of prostate cancer.
  •  Rice Bran -- contains many nutrients, especially minerals, vital for any healthy tissue.
  •  Pumpkin Seeds -- one of the richest natural sources of zinc and essential fatty acids, both of which are necessary for prostate health.
  •  Bee Pollen -- has been shown to significantly decrease the inflammation of prostatitis, while increasing urine flow rate.
  •  Citrus Bioflavonoids -- known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  •  Uva Ursi -- contains compounds known to be beneficial for general urinary problems.
  •  Enzymes -- protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase added to aid in the breakdown of the above botanicals into useful components, thus enhancing their delivery into body tissues.
Prostate Support
Whole Food

As unbelievable as this may be, the process of tissue engineering and the ex vivo (outside the body), production of functioning human organs such as the penis and vagina exist today in the laboratory.

In the next millennium, physiologically and biochemically active male and female genitalia will be constructed from human cells cultured and grown over an appropriately shaped lattice or mold. In the process of these cells growing, differentiation into the various layers of the vagina and penis will occur. This brave new world is no braver than penile prosthesis was in 1973.

Male and female genital organs which are absent, nonfunctional or inadequate, if not correctable by future medical or genetic treatments, may be constructed by tissue engineering techniques and surgically installed to produce functioning erogenous organs.

I have discussed medical treatments of male and female dysfunctions - now and in the future. All that I have talked about may be able to make the organs function properly. However, because sexual relationships are so complex, it is extremely important to remember that medical treatments alone may not be the total answer and behavioral and psychological therapy still may be a necessary adjunct.

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