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100 Calorie Diet Plan - Effective or A Trap?

Is the 100 calorie diet plan really effective or is it a trap for those who want to lose weight? One, this diet plan was created by two sisters who lost weight following this plan claiming the best and easiest way to lose weight is to keep track on calories in 100 calorie units.

One thing I want to point out in this exposition which you can find in most weight loss programs is that not all weight loss programs are effective for everyone. There is always one specific program that works for a person which may not work for another. This does not mean that the 100 calorie diet plan is not effective. It might work for you the way it worked for Tammy and Susie.

The next question is if it's a trap. Nowadays, you can find a lot of 100 calorie packed foods over the counter which you can easily buy and bring to your office. Knowing how much calorie they contain you easily munch on them and throw your pack away. Does it work for your weight loss? The truth is, once you start eating a pack of these 100 calorie pack snacks you can easily open another one and eat it. Sometimes, you tend to finish 2 to 3 packs without noticing and all you know is the number of calories you have already taken in. This is actually one way of being trapped in getting away with your weight loss plan.

The 100 calorie diet plan allows you to eat whatever you want and enjoy eating the same foods you enjoy eating. Meaning you don't need to deprive yourself from food. Deprivation slows down your metabolism which affects your weight loss goals.

Dieters are made aware on how to use their calories wisely by eating only quality foods wherein they need to write down in advance what they are planning to eat for the day or for the week. This diet plan also contains questionnaires that helps people who want to lose weight identify the hurdles they come across with and how they can overcome these hurdles to become successful in losing weight.

The plan also encourages dieters to involve themselves in activities they enjoy which include dancing, swimming, hiking, walking and any team sports. A 30 minute aerobic exercise almost every day of the week is recommended.

What makes this diet plan really great is it provides a complete list of common foods while it increases your awareness on the calorie content of foods. Hence, it allows dieters to eat their favorite foods while it encourages them to lose weight gradually within healthy limits. Additionally, it also includes tips on how to keep the weight lost which is something good in a diet program.

In spite of the great things it can do, it has more effect on the dieter's weight gain than weight loss. Being a calorie restricted diet; most dieters gain back their usual weight and more when they get back to their normal eating habits.

A good diet plan must encourage a significant improvement on the dietary intake of people who want to lose weight and this is something you cannot find in this diet plan. Another thing you will notice about this diet plan is it encourages the consumption of diet soda and artificial sweeteners which are not good for people who are on a weight loss diet.

Now, going back to the question if this diet plan is effective or a trap, the answer to this is, it is as good as it gets but once you get back to your normal eating habits it becomes a trap. You gain more than you lose. If you're thinking of losing weight nothing is better than being ready to change your lifestyle and sticking with it. No matter how many 100 calorie diet plans you follow if you are not ready to change your lifestyle into a healthy one, you will never succeed in losing weight.

Prostate Support
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As unbelievable as this may be, the process of tissue engineering and the ex vivo (outside the body), production of functioning human organs such as the penis and vagina exist today in the laboratory.

In the next millennium, physiologically and biochemically active male and female genitalia will be constructed from human cells cultured and grown over an appropriately shaped lattice or mold. In the process of these cells growing, differentiation into the various layers of the vagina and penis will occur. This brave new world is no braver than penile prosthesis was in 1973.

Male and female genital organs which are absent, nonfunctional or inadequate, if not correctable by future medical or genetic treatments, may be constructed by tissue engineering techniques and surgically installed to produce functioning erogenous organs.

I have discussed medical treatments of male and female dysfunctions - now and in the future. All that I have talked about may be able to make the organs function properly. However, because sexual relationships are so complex, it is extremely important to remember that medical treatments alone may not be the total answer and behavioral and psychological therapy still may be a necessary adjunct.

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